83 - There are several Castle Learning assignments for you that are designed to prepare you for the New York State test on ELA.


81 - Before you work on Castle Learning, complete the essay on 3D printing.



I would like this one as a presentation, and NOT a document.


Each slide should have...

1. the vocabulary word as the title

2. the definition

3. a sample sentence of the student's creation

    3a. Short sentences that don't use the word in context are not acceptable.

    3b. The sentence must be gramatically correct.

First, there are two new assignments on Castle Learning that have to do with figuring out the meaning of words based on context. They are fifty questions each, so I don't expect you to finish both, but try to get at least one completed.


Secondly, copy the following paragraphs into a document, fix the capitalization mistakes, and then share it with me. Title the document "Capitalization Paragraphs."


  1. Log in to your Google Drive
  2. Create a presentation
  3. Title it "Vocab 3"
  4. Share it with me
  5. Give me the definition (can be copied and pasted or in your own words)
  6. Give me a sentence of your own creation that correctly uses the word in context
  7. Find a picture that goes along with your definition or sentence and put it in the appropriate slide


There is no writing assignment for today.


However, you should do all four of the Capitalization assignments on Castle Learning. 


When you are done, you should complete any assignments that you are missing. This does not mean you are allowed to play video games if you are done with all assignments. If you are, you may complete work from other classes, research high schools, or anything else that is productive.


 Games We Play


What are some of the games you play? They could be sports, video games, board games, head games, or games you've created.


What do you think is the benefit of playing games? In other words, what does it do for you? Are there any downsides to playing games? If so, what are they?


Start a document. Title it "Writing Response #2."


You have twenty-five minutes to write your response. Once the timer is up, share it with me.


Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.

Create a document, title it "BUS," share it with me, and put a heading and title on your document.


Watch THIS VIDEO if you so desire. You don't need headphones to watch it. 


The bus in New York seems to go everywhere. How often do you ride the bus? What are some benefits of riding the bus? What are some of the downsides?

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