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What is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure?


A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure is a story in which the reader makes choices as to how the plot progresses. The choices he makes can determine how the story ends.


The difficult part for the writer is creating a way to get to several endings that are different and meaningful.


Watch THIS VIDEO and then, in a two-paragraph essay, react to the following questions:


1. If you were to go anywhere on Earth, where would you go and why?

2. Are there some places on Earth that you would not want to go? Why not?

3. Would you ever travel to the International Space Station? Why or why not?



Create a document, title it "Genetics," and share it with me. Write a two-paragraph (or more) essay on the following questions: 


Who was Gregor Mendel and why was he important?

What role does genetics have in the life of peas?

How is genetics important to your own life?

The Perfect School


There are two parts to this assignment:


Part 1


Write a short essay (three paragraphs) describing your perfect school. Think about these questions as you write:

83 - There are several Castle Learning assignments for you that are designed to prepare you for the New York State test on ELA.


81 - Before you work on Castle Learning, complete the essay on 3D printing.



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