Scavenger Hunt Assignment

Answer each question using a ruler, calculator, or the internet.
Write all of your answers onto a Google Doc and send to me at .
Remember to include the names of your group members.

1. Write an equation where the sum of two numbers equals a 3 digit palindrome.
2. What teacher uses room # (the square root of 58,564)?
3. Pick up a ruler from Mr. V and find the area of the top of the blue table in class. (round to the nearest inch)
4. Write Pi up to 20 decimal places.
5. Find the first nine numbers of the Fibonnaci sequence.
6. You go to this restaurant">( and order the following: 1-Mambo Nachos 1- Rib Platter Half Rack 1-Stuffed Baked Potato 1- Mountain Dew.
Forgetting about tax/tip, how much change should you receive if you pay with a $50 bill?
7. Find a picture of a real object that is in the shape of a hexagon.
8. What famous Yankee wore #7?
9. How many points did the Dallas Mavericks score in total in this year’s finals?
10. June 14 is known as Flag Day. What year was the first American flag adopted? Who created it and how many years ago was that?