Test this week 7th graders!

Test Review


Mr. Levinson

Archimedes Academy

Aim: To Review for Final exam

Objective: Students will know what to study for final

Do Now:  Copy review


Part I  - Instruments

You must know the 4 families.

Brass – Buzz

Woodwind – blow

Percussion – Strike and

Strings – use a bow


You must know several of the characteristics

Brass – yellow, valves or slide

Flute –hole you blow into saxes, mouthpiece with a reed

Oboe bassoon, double reed

Violin – pegs, strings, bow

High to low  in each category


Orchestra 60 violins 20 brass, 10 woodwind , 4 percussion


Part II Terms


Treble clef


Bar line

Double bar line

Part IV Notes

You must know treble clef and bass clef notes




Part V Note values

You must know whole, half, quarter and eighth notes

You must know the dotted note rule


Part VI Time Signature

You must know what a time signature does and do examples of time signature practice

Part VII Piano

You must know what the keys are on the keyboard. 

Sharps and Flats,

88 keys