Upcoming Week. (10/23-28)

This week in math we will be working on Division; first with one number then with money and finally with zero in the quotient. This is leading up to our first foray into statistics. In Science we will be leading up to our science test on Energy of position, Kinetic and Potential energy and a one day lab involving a ramp and some serious measuring. We will have out Science test on Thursday rather than Tuesday because on Tuesday there will be an ELA predictive bubble test. I don’t want to stress anybody out and I firmly believe that one test in a day is too many, and two would be unconscionable. I will post study questions and science vocabulary on the blog soon, hopefully tonight but no promises. I have graded all the math tests that I have received, and I am still waiting on two; I can only hope that those will be input into the system by Monday tech at the latest. Mr. Baker