Stop Motion Animation - Practice

  1. Open Paint
  2. Select "Image" and then "Attributes"
  3. Change the width to 320 pixels and the height to 240 pixels
  4. Draw the first stage of your picture
  5. Save as "yourname1" in JPEG format
  6. Make a small change in your picture
  7. Save as "yourname2" in JPEG format
  8. Repeat enough times to have at least 12 pictures
  9. Open Monkeyjam
  10. Select "File" and then "New XPS"
  11. Select "File" and then "Import" and "Images..."
  12. Find your files (they're usually in the "Pictures" folder), select them, and click the "Add Files" button, then the "Import" button
  13. Click "Tools" and then select "Preview"
  14. Ensure your movie looks good and the pictures are in the correct order
  15. Click the "Export Exposure Sheet an an AVI movie" button (last button on the right)
  16. Change the name of your movie to "yourname.avi"
  17. Change the movie size to 320x240
  18. Save your movie
  19. Email me your movie as an attachment.  The movies are usually saved in the "Documents" folder