Creating Charts in Google Docs


Your task is to create a pie chart and a bar graph from a Google Docs spreadsheet and then insert those graphs into a Google document.



1. Log into your Archimedes account

2. Go into the Google Docs section of your account

3. Create a spreadsheet

4. Create some information.  You must have...

    a. 5 columns (including headings)

    b. 6 rows

    c. data (real or fictional)

5. Create a pie chart and a bar graph based off of the data you created

6. Create a Google Doc and rename it "My Graphs"

7. Put a heading on the Google Doc (name/class/date/teacher)

8. Go back to the spreadsheet and copy the graphs

9. Go back to the document and paste the graphs from the clipboard

10. Insert a table into your document.  Use the "table" command and select the correct size.  It may be the same as the data you used in your spreadsheet.

11. For extra credit, you can create a third type of graph of your choosing.

12. Share the document with me ( and Ms. Marissa (


Here is a sample of what your spreadsheet and document could look like.