in the news

Our school is proud to celebrate the successes of our community, and appreciates when outside sources recognize this success.  This page holds a repository of references to our school in the news media in reverse chronological order.  This page also includes links to relevant stories about our partners or the technologies we use at Archimedes Academy, as well as the successes of our students outside our building.  We hope that the world will continue to recognizing the amazing students and inspiring staff that work here at Archimedes.



3.23.2010 - Handheld Computers Engage Students, Patrick Rocchio of the Bronx Times Reporter

3.16.2010 - Scholastic Visit Video, narrated by Ken Royal, contributor to

3.15.2010 - Archimedes Academy a Bronx Gem by Ken Royal

3.12.2010 - Bronx Cheer by Christine Weiser, managing Editor of Tech&Learning

3.7.2010 - Pulling no Punches by Miriam Souccar of Crain's NY

2.01.2010 - Golden Gloves Returns to Bronx, by Peter Milosheff of The Bronx Times

10.12.2008 - N.Y. Students Invade City for Beetle Study, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

8.01.2008 - Golden Gloves Makes Public School Debut, East Side Boxing

1.22.2008 - Archimedes set to Welcome Golden Gloves, by Mitch Abramson of The Daily News