Students learn best when they are engaged in demanding project-based curricula that activate their prior knowledge base. To learn, students must be challenged with a variety of rigorous tasks that require them to do more than memorize new sets of facts. Project based and “hands on” learning experiences, grounds new material into a real world context thereby providing a familiar backdrop for new materials. Our lead partner Vision Ed Inc. is a leader in technology assisted project-based learning. Vision Ed Inc.’s approach emphasizes a hands-on problem solving and project-based approach to learning that challenges students to think creatively, apply concepts and actively construct meaning. Founded in the belief that children learn in unique and complex ways, this approach offers students an opportunity to conduct their own research and experiments in the pursuit of knowledge. Archimedes’ partnership with Vision Ed Inc. will help students incorporate new conceptual schema into their existing knowledge base, as teachers trained in this approach encourage true learning and knowledge retention.