Week of 1/4/11-1/7/11

 Welcome Back!!!

Here are the topics for this week 1/3-1/7:



Learn how affixes and root words affect word meaning

Develop and awareness of how to decipher word meaning by analyzing the affixes and root words and looking at context

Monday: We will define root word, prefix, and suffix.

Tuesday: We will use online dictionaries to find the meanings of different prefixes, root words, and suffixes.

Wednesday: Complete "make a word game chart" graphic organizer http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson1042/game_chart.pdf 

by using these websites in class:




Thursday: Analyzing word parts to define the word


Next Week: We will construct a word card game using the root words and affixes that you have learned

Reminder: Holiday Homework packets were due on Monday. If you have not done so please turn it in by the end of the week. You will lose 2 points for everyday homework is late.

Your next packet will be handed out on Thursday and will be due next Thursday 1/13. The topics will be: using quotations, prefixes, affixes, and Greek mythology

Social Studies:

This week we will be completing a web quest using the following website:


Monday: Athens and daily life

Tuesday: Sparta and warrior training

Wednesday: Persian war with Greece

Thursday: Gods/Goddesses and Festivals/Games